About me

I always felt drawn to “energetically alive” therapies.

One of the very first books I ever bought was a yoga book. Even tough I had no idea what it was about; I felt the urgency to know more.
Since I started practicing Hatha Yoga I never stopped.

Through the years I explored different styles, practicing with many different teachers, enriching my understanding of the essence of the practice itself. My desire to deepen further my knowledge of Yoga lead me to embark on a British Wheel of Yoga teacher training at Triyoga, where my teaching blossomed and my practiced deepened.

To Jeff Phenix, Susannah Hoffman and Kate Walker, my teachers during my training years, goes my infinite gratitude.

I came into contact with Reiki during a week of breath work in Italy in 2010 at “The Hill that Breathe” with Gaia Pollini where I received my first Reiki treatment. I loved it instantly, it was so gently and profound. I was inspired to learn more.

Two years later my great teachers, Mafalda Ceriale and Gianni Gennari, “appeared” in my life and my journey with Reiki began.
I have been involved in voluntary Reiki work, which helped me refining my skills while giving me great joy.
I decided to take a Crystal healing course as I was interested and started reading about and collecting some of them. I then studied with Mo Singh and she gave me structure on how to work with them, how to apply different techniques working with the healing property of the crystals.

I am deeply interested in the connection between the body and the mind.

My approach to the system is very much holistic and strongly intuitive.
Each person is treated, as a unique individual with personal needs regardless the type of system chosen (Reiki, Yoga, Crystal therapy).

When there is an imbalance or tension held into the body it is very often the result of a pattern stored into the mind, on how life is approached, or present situation embodied.
A belief well rooted into the mind can be very likely manifested into the body.
Bringing awareness, breath and energy in repetitive life patterns,  helps to encourage growth and healing.

I also practice meditation and pranayama daily, I am interested in chanting and singing bowls and I often incorporate them in my classes/therapies.

I’m based in London NW3. For bookings or information – don’t hesitate to contact me